Since Daiwa Pax was founded in 1951, we always have been valuing our motto, “Providing better packaging faster”, and it stays the same today in 21st century. However, packaging quality is now required to be more advanced, more complex and more functional following the needs of the market maturing. Furthermore, it is now inevitable for the whole business to globalize and accelerate itself due to the evolutional and rapid change of the IT world.Today, every production and every consumption affects the global environment in many ways, and establishing a Sound Material-Cycle Society is crucial; every company is now required to contribute to that more than ever. Indeed, packaging has entered an era of quality, promptness and a need to be environmentally friendly. It is especially important to approach the environmental issues responsibly and effectively. Daiwa Pax and all of its branches have gained an international standard of environmental management, ISO 14001 certification, ahead of our competitors, to contribute to environment conservation which we see as a social responsibility as a leading company. We have also successfully installed an aqueous gravure printing system, and have established manufacturing technologies which are safer for food products as well as being environmentally friendly. Following our 60th anniversary, Daiwa Pax has gone back to the basics as if we were establishing ourselves today, and we will continuously provide the 21st century’s rich packaging culture as a customer-satisfying, and an absolute second-to-none company. We are sincerely grateful for your support and patronage over the years, and we are looking forward to your continued support into the future.Daiwa Pax Co., Ltd.Yasuzumi Onishi, President CEO「モノを包む」から「環境を包む」へ21世紀の豊かなパッケージをめざしてFrom “Wrapping Things” to “Wrapping the Environment”Flourishing the Future Packaging Culture in 21st Century2ealwayshavebeenvaluingourmottoThings” to “Wrapping tuture Packaging Culture

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