Environmental Policy3 Our business is to provide various customers with packaging products for the purpose of pack-aging food, pharmaceutical products, electronic components and daily supplies, etc. in their business. We recognise that global environment conservation is one of the most crucial universal tasks, and we will continuously commit to provide the products which are harmonious with the environ-ment, which is consistent with our motto "Coexistence with a global environment". We endeavour to adhere to these principles below: (1) We will set and fulfill the duty of observing laws and regulations and any other requests from interested parties related to the environment which our business concerns. (2) We will strive to protect the environment by preventing pollution and achieving other tasks which our business concerns, such as using sustainable resources, alleviating and adopting the climate change, and protecting the biodiversity and ecosystem. (3) We will assess the company's purpose, activities, products, nature of services and their scale and environmental impact related to the business, set the most suitable goals and standards of environmental conservation action with an adequate policy, and revise them regularly. All employees will collaborate continuously and steadily especially to achieve: ・Enhancing the sales of environmentally friendly products, especially using aqueous ink, to conserve the natural resources, prevent air pollution and reduce environmental impact. ・Promoting the efficiency of the operation and minimising the consumption of resources to reduce environmental impact. (4) We will strive to achieve the continuous improvement of our environment management system to upgrade environmental performance.October 1st, 2016Daiwa Pax Co., Ltd. Yasuzumi Onishi, President CEOEnvironmental Policy

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