Daiwa Pax CO., LTD.

Facilities and Equipment


Facilities and Equipment


Production Process

  1. 1Planning and proposal

  2. 2Design and structure design

  3. 3Cylinder making

  4. 4Printing

  5. 5Lamination

  6. 6Slitting

    7Bag making

  7. 8Inspection

  8. 9Delivery

1Planning and proposal
Decide on the conditions of use (contents, temperature, etc.), dimensions, and additional functions (releasability, straight cut, etc.).
2Design and structure design
Determine the printing contents of the packaging material. We select the processing method and raw materials according to the usage conditions, dimensions and functions.
3Cylinder making
Printing cylinders are made by each color according to the contents of the label.
Printing cylinders are used to print on the film. A variety of colors can be expressed by layering multiple colors.
By laminating films with different properties, packaging materials with higher functionality can be created.
When making rolls, the film is cut to the specified width.
7Bag making
To make bags, the film is heat sealed to be individual bags.
The product is checked throughout production.
The product is delivered to the customer.